30 Jun 2016

The UK vote to leave the European Union has caused economic uncertainty and political turmoil. Whilst for many it is business as usual until Article 50 is formally enacted, it is very unclear what new arrangement with the EU will be put in its place. Will it be EEA Plus; EEA Minus or a straight WTO deal?

We have established an advisory team designed to help businesses cut through the noise and confusion. Our senior experts, based across our offices in London and Brussels, will help you effectively navigate developments on both sides of the channel and protect your bottom line. Support will include senior strategic counsel, timely intelligence, reputation and crisis managementchange management, corporate communications and internal communications.

Our team has extensive political and media experience across the UK and EU, and is able to draw upon the expertise of The Ecosystem, our pan-European network of consultancies. Click below to find out more.

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