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29 Apr 2019

The UK Government and data regulator have recently published two landmark proposals aimed at tightening regulation for digital companies – the Online Harms White Paper and the Information Commissioner’s Age Appropriate Design Code.

Whilst the White Paper aims to make companies more responsible for their users’ safety online across a range of areas, the Code will specifically require businesses to implement age-verification and child protection measures if their online services and connected devices are likely to be used by children.

Hanover has created a handy overview of the UK’s digital regulation landscape, detailing the proposed changes in these two consultations and what they might mean for your business. Whilst the impact on social media companies and online platforms have been widely publicised, these proposed measures could have a much wider impact including on gaming sites, connected devices, dating apps, and financial services amongst others.

Alongside these significant proposals, there are a host of other legislative proposals and interventions that will affect businesses across the digital economy. This includes the Consumer White Paper, to examine unfair practices in digital consumer markets, and the Competition & Markets Authority study of the UK digital advertising market.

With both the Online Harms White Paper and the Age-Appropriate Design Code currently open for consultation, now is a critical time for businesses to engage with the Government and regulators to understand their new responsibilities and voice potential concerns.

Click on the image below to view the full infographic.

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