2 Sep 2019

As Parliament returns tomorrow, the new Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, will be facing a number of issues in his in-tray following his appointment – ranging from Brexit, Iran and the international maritime security mission in the Gulf, to departmental funding, Armed Forces recruitment and retention, and the newly created Office for Veterans’ Affairs.

Operating in such a rapidly changing political climate can often muddy the waters for business, but at Hanover we cut through the noise to provide clear and insightful advice on the issues that matter most to our clients.

As specialists in the defence sector, we have applied our knowledge of the policy landscape to provide a short overview of what will be coming down the line in the world of defence, and offering our thoughts on areas that the new MoD ministerial team will need to focus on.

Find out more about Wallace’s top three priorities in our report:

  • Funding and procurement
  • Implementing Boris Johnson’s vision
  • The UK’s threat landscape

For more information on how Hanover’s defence and aerospace experts can help your organisation navigate this complicated environment, please contact Daniel Gilbert, Director of UK Advocacy: dgilbert@hanovercomms.com