23 Jan 2020

Visionary leaders understand well the need to future-proof their businesses.

To anticipate emerging trends and mitigate potential risks.

To accelerate innovation, attract talent and advance their interests.

And businesses are by their nature forward-looking.

What are our targets for next year?

How will we improve our capabilities ?

How can we grow further and faster while still acting fairly?

And the landscape they are operating in has shifted immensely.

Disruptive technologies,  new categories, pioneering models and changing markets have all irrevocably transformed our commerce, culture and communications.

The rate of user adoption, value creation and corporate decline are all accelerating at breakneck speed.

To reach 100 million users took 75 years for the telephone, for Instagram, it took merely two.

For Nike to achieve a $1bn valuation took over twenty years, for Slack to achieve the same milestone took just one.

And the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 in 1965 was 33 years, by 2025, it’s predicted to be 12.

This pace of change is both rapid and relentless.

A ‘new normal’ has been established.

And it presents both significant risks and substantial rewards.

Yet, in the enthusiasm for the focus beyond the horizon, it’s easy to lose sight of the more immediate world beneath our feet.

The psychology behind this is clear.

The desire to address concerns about the sheer velocity of change is powerful.

In these uncertain times, planning for an unpredictable future provides some semblance of control.

But the enterprises, individuals and organisations that seek not just to survive the future but to thrive in it, will only realise their full potential by prioritising the present.

No matter the sector, size or strategy of the business, there are two things that matter most when it comes to creating the platform for future success.


Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with talented Founders, CEOs and CMOs of businesses across almost every sector and geography.

From fast growth start-ups to world famous brands and global corporations.

And over that time, one thing has become clear to me.

Without question and across the board.

No matter the sector, size or strategy of the business, there are two things that matter most when it comes to creating the platform for future success.

Purpose and culture.

Purpose is the ‘why’ that acts as the foundation for a high performing culture.

And a high performing culture provides a powerful operating system for the organisation.

Together, they provide the platform for increased alignment, agility, acceleration and achievement.

That’s why culture and purpose are at the heart of our NOWPROOFTM methodology.

When harnessed, this framework enables leadership teams to supercharge progress, performance and productivity across every organisational dimension.

Improving acquisition and retention of customers and talent, turning strategy from theory into reality, pivoting innovation into real competitive advantage, and driving cultural change.

Equipping them with what they need to do the right things, right now.

To take the business from where it is to where it wants to be.

So they can become the drivers of their own destiny.

Problems may come and go.

But purpose-driven cultures endure.

That is true for today and will be in the future.

Gabbi Cahane is Chair of Multiple, Hanover’s Culture & Brand Consultancy.