12 Dec 2018

In October we launched our unique Accelerator programme for our senior leadership team, co-created with contributors from the world’s leading business schools.

We spoke to Claudia La Donna, Director of Hanover’s EU Digital Policy Practice, and Accelerator participant, to get her thoughts on the programme and the concept of Uncommon Knowledge at Hanover.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Accelerator programme and your experience so far?

The Accelerator is Hanover’s bespoke leadership programme for our senior team. It’s a series of modules held across the period of a year covering strategy development, financial accounting, negotiating and other areas, designed to provide intensive learning to broaden our business skillset.

Each session feels like a proper day at business school! The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and have a smart teaching style, delivering information on the business models of the future as well as facilitating group discussions based on insights and research. The tools, techniques and contextual knowledge that I’ve gained on this programme have transformed the way I work. I view my clients’ businesses differently now, which has allowed me to provide communications advice that not only supports their plans, but also helps drive their management strategies.

How does the Accelerator programme benefit you, and ultimately your clients?

The benefits of the programme are three-fold. I’ve been offered the opportunity to develop an MBA level understanding of business strategy and processes, helping to transform me from a communications and public affairs leader to a business leader. This is not only empowering for me but is also highly beneficial to my clients; by strengthening my own business acumen, I am much better placed to understand my clients’ business models and can therefore offer them advice on a strategic level.  Hanover benefits too, not only because of the added value that we’re offering to our clients, but also because its senior team are now well positioned to offer strategic and operational intelligence to the board of the Hanover Group itself.

Can you articulate what we mean when we talk about Uncommon Knowledge at Hanover?

I think it refers to the brilliant minds behind the transformational work that we deliver for our clients. We hire smart people at Hanover who form part of a collective of well rounded, multifaceted individuals who take a broad view of the world. They never rest in their desire to grow and supercharge their abilities. Hanover has a fierce commitment to the personal development of our people, and a generous training budget, delivered through the wider Hanover Academy, which enables us to invest in our staff at every level across the whole Hanover Group.

What is it about the Accelerator programme at Hanover that makes it “uncommon”?

It is a demonstration of Hanover’s commitment to their people, to help boost learning in key areas that are critical to their successes as future leaders. As a business we work hard to retain the best talent in the industry so we can continue to contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses and, in return to our own. We also know that the majority of our leavers go on to be our clients of the future (65% of people who leave Hanover move to senior in-house roles) and so we have a commitment to the industry to upskill our people to create an enhanced ecosystem for all of us.

If you could sum Hanover up in 3 words what would you say?

Bold, Empowering, Rewarding.