Effective advocacy campaigns require a blend of deep understanding of the policy landscape, intelligently crafted narratives and superlative project management. Our unparalleled experience of delivering advocacy campaigns and events allow us to manage many moving parts with successful results.

Hanover was retained by the Hepatitis B & C Public Policy Association in Brussels to help enact European-wide political action against Hepatitis C (HCV) at Member State level to effectively work towards the elimination of HCV across the continent. Services provided included European Public A airs and Digital Strategy.

Hanover’s support for the project was first-class. The team displayed the utmost dedication to the project. As a result, we’ve continued our collaboration and have already started new projects with them.
The Hepatitis B & C Public Policy Association

We developed the HCV Elimination Manifesto that committed signatories to eliminating HCV in Europe by 2030. Our social media strategy drove key campaign messages beyond Brussels and encouraged stakeholders to express their views on the debate. Concurrently, we organised the first ever high-level European conference in Brussels to gather EU and national policymakers, experts and patient organisations from European countries, followed by an invitation-only dinner with former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou.

The Manifesto and HCV Policy Summit successfully raised awareness with leading national and EU health policy-makers attracting 137 attendees and 65 signatories of the European HCV Elimination Manifesto.

The Manifesto has already triggered the European Commission’s development of guidelines for policymakers on concrete actions to eliminate HCV by 2030. Building on the success of the first summit, all stakeholders agreed to hold a second HCV policy summit to assess Europe’s progress in achieving this objective and what remains to be done.