Resilience Rewired

Pizza Hut

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been supporting Pizza Hut on internal communications, external communications, and public affairs. We helped the business to make the case that food providers like Pizza Hut could stay open under the first national lockdown, to continue serving the public and relieve pressure on supermarkets. Having secured the ability to stay open, Pizza Hut Delivery needed to let its colleagues know that it was safe to come into work and explain the role that they were playing in delivering food for Britain, including the frontline NHS workers, was vital.

With no internal communications function, a remote workforce and a franchise model, Hanover and Pizza Hut created a brand-new internal communications function (WhatsApp) to share rapid, regular content and align hundreds of drivers around a unified mission – to fast relay messages of thanks while also reiterating the importance of safety and following the Government’s latest guidelines.

The campaign reached 7,500 team members, 60 franchisees and 400 restaurant managers and has now led to an internal communications structure that will exist post-Coronavirus. Feedback was that Team Members felt valued, confident and happy about coming into work, understanding the role they were playing in keeping Britain fed. Ongoing horizon scanning and dialogue with Government helped ensure the business was operationally prepared for frequent changes to Coronavius regulations and guidance.

Our campaign was multifaceted, with our Corporate, Public Affairs, and Digital teams all playing their parts in ensuring Pizza Hut Delivery was able to operate ‘as usual’ during this challenging time. Since the success of this award-winning campaign, Hanover has also helped Pizza Hut to build relationships with local constituency MPs, as well as national policymakers. We have supported on internal and external communications around various crises and continue to support both Pizza Hut Delivery and Pizza Hut Restaurants on its day-to-day press office, proactive communications, Government and Digital counsel.

Carefully timed, positive coverage for Pizza Hut’s key executives has appeared on Sky News and BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and in Management Today, Propel and Franchising Today – all key trades for their growth strategy – as well as PA Newswire, which netted over 250 pieces of coverage across the UK.


Resilience Rewired

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