Recognition Rewired

Suntory Group

We were tasked with launching new Ribena Raspberry Rays to the UK’s 36,000 independent convenience retailers on behalf of Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I (SBF GB&I).

We put together a campaign centred around a “co-creation workshop” which saw us work with a group of leading retailers to design in-store point of sale (POS) and marketing materials. The workshop had twin aims: to get buy-in of the launch, and prompt shoppers to purchase the drink.

We started with an insight: 41% of shoppers don’t know which juice drink brand (the category Ribena sits in) they’re going to buy before they stand in front of a store’s soft drink fridge. This makes effective POS a critical tool in nudging consumers into purchasing Ribena.

To reflect this our strategy centred around a brand-new idea: the “co-creation workshop”.

We invited a select group of influential retailers to co-create Ribena Raspberry Rays’ POS material. This helped demonstrate to the wider retail audience that, by listening to their peers, we had created marketing material that truly met their needs.

Ribena took on the retailers’ feedback and created bespoke POS exclusively for the convenience channel. Convenience retailers have strong peer networks, sharing interesting stories through large WhatsApp groups and social media. We used video content with retailer quotes from the co-creation session to push messaging to get buy-in from the wider channel.

We delivered 1.01M opportunities to see the campaign across print and online media – equivalent to every member of the target audience seeing the coverage 14x over two months. Through bespoke competitor analysis, we were able to ascertain that at launch, Ribena Raspberry Rays had the highest share of voice in the trade press of any soft drinks brand.

The initial tweet that launched the campaign, generated a total of 19,000 impressions and a 13.3% engagement rate.

The launch improved the perception of Ribena with retailers. In a survey of 1,000 retailers, 73% of independent retailers said Ribena was either “very important” or that they “couldn’t live without it”.

You can see the video that we created off the back of the co-creation session here:


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