We have been working with multinational companies and organisations since late January to advise and assist them in overcoming the pressures in communicating with customers, staff, partners and wider stakeholders during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

As the related risks of the coronavirus outbreak increase outside of mainland China, you may find that you need similar support to ensure that you can deal with the organisational complexities of office shutdowns, restricted travel advisories, and localised cases.

Our breadth of expertise and scale of team across public health and corporate crisis mean that we are fully equipped to manage these multifaceted communication challenges.

The team is led by Alex Davies, Director of our award-winning healthcare communications division, working alongside Gavin Megaw, MD of our corporate team, providing unrivalled expertise for organisations who find themselves in the eye of the storm of the global epidemic.

Our dedicated support team will provide high level strategic counsel on internal and external audience communication, public health messaging best practice and bespoke media training for leaders in the public eye.

If you would like to find out how our dedicated support team can help your business, please email