After the summer recess get braced for one of the busiest Parliamentary sessions in recent years. The Government’s razor thin majority, secured through a two year deal with the DUP, and the upcoming votes on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, mean that the floor of the House of Parliaments will be centre stage in political life.

Alongside the Parliamentary back and forth over the future of Brexit MPs and Peers will be eager to hold the Government to account on the most pressing domestic issues. Like the last Parliament, the future of the NHS is almost certain to be front of mind for politicians in both Houses. As tight budgets start to bite into access and quality, NHS finances and future funding will remain in the spotlight. Following the publication of the Life Science Strategy, the industry is at a critical juncture and many MPs and Peers will be eager to see the Government deliver on the rhetoric of previous pledges to make the UK a world leader for life sciences. As NHS England begins to implement Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships many local MPs will be anxious about the impact of local service changes.

Ahead of a fascinating period in UK political life, we have produced this guide to the key influencers in Parliament.