Future Mobility


Technological leaps within smart technology have redefined consumer interactions with transport. Hydrogen technology and development fuels offer new solutions to decarbonisation, automated and driverless vehicles are at advanced testing phases, and EV range is constantly improving. Strategic positioning to understand the opportunity and risk is fundamental to the success and survival of companies operating in these services and supply chains.

Heightened environmental pressures are being felt by politicians, with the urgency of air quality issues and their impact on public health. Simultaneously the net zero debate presents a far greater impetus for whole system change in the UK and across the EU which will see a much greater spotlight on a transition to low carbon transport solutions. Emissions targets are increasingly widespread in a range of diverse markets from Dublin to Dubai.

Politicians expect that the transition will be industry-led. Competition and efficiency within the automotive industry remain fierce at a global scale, and EVs add another layer of complexity. Industry transitioning to charging and “mileage suppliers” could be one solution. Many oil and gas majors and fuel providers are already on a strong diversification and acquisition path for similar reasons.

At Hanover we understand the urgency with which businesses must adapt to this rapidly evolving operating environment – or risk being left behind. We support businesses to establish a vision and messages to stand out from competitors. We help our clients raise their profile with customers and build reputation through periods of transition, while ensuring resilience to the coming market shake-up across the transport and energy sectors.

Our expertise helps industry navigate complex regulated sectors as policy races to keep pace with advancing technology and shifting public opinion. Will you wait for policy makers to move first or will you instigate change to create solutions to the world’s mobility challenges?

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