Internal Communications

The world of work has been transformed.

Home is now the office and traditional boundaries have been broken. In the absence of business as usual, new connections have been formed and innovative communication channels have come to the fore.

In amongst the disruption, one thing remains constant: the success of your organisation still depends on the performance of your people.

Whether you’re repositioning or reinventing, engaging or educating, moving or motivating, success hangs on one crucial element: the alignment of your team to your goals.

Committed and happy employees lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. Yet how often do you invest in understanding whether your employees are as engaged and attentive as your customers?

Your workforce and customers deserve equal investment and inspiration. So we’ve built an employee engagement practice which drives talent activation, retention and improved business outcomes.

Whether you are looking for an outsider’s perspective on how your current internal communications strategy is working, support with handling a specific announcement/issue, or bespoke training and workshops, our expert team bring their learnings from individuals and businesses across the globe to your organisation.

If you’d like to hear more on our offering or how we might be able to help you, drop a line to Sinéad Meckin, Head of Internal Communications, at