For three weeks every year political insiders descend on a trio of cities to meet, plan and debate the policy agenda for the year ahead. It is the biggest single concentration of decision makers and influencers in the political calendar – and a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and deliver your messages.

Drawn from a range of political parties, our consultants provide a real insight into the public policy process. Hanover’s experience helps identify the best opportunities to confidently deliver engagement programmes with impact.

Hanover builds bespoke contact programmes, organises convivial meals with the right mix of politicians, activists, advisors and, if appropriate, journalists; organises and promotes fringe events, and arranges exhibition conference stands and marketing material to promote your message or cause.

Party conferences are about understanding policy trends and being part of the wider political conversation. Hanover helps you contribute fully to the debate and understand the implications for your business.

The workings of Whitehall, Westminster, Holyrood and Cardiff have never been more transparent.  Far from simplifying the process of government, this transparency combined with the speed and volume of legislative reform and scrutiny, means that considered, strategic advice has never been more important.

Understanding, interpreting and predicting the effects on businesses and organisations, and managing risk accordingly is where Hanover adds real value.

Drawn from various political parties, the media and local and central government departments, Hanover’s team provides a strong blend of strategic counsel and tactical implementation.

Effectively engaging political decision makers requires an understanding of the policy process, and of the interaction between Parties as much as within them.

Our unparalleled understanding of the interaction between politics, policy and the media keeps clients ahead of the game.  Hanover can help manage your reputation with UK parliamentary and government audiences and deliver campaigns that support your commercial objectives.