From the smallest sub-committee inquiry to the biggest set-piece showdown, preparation in advance of a select committee hearing is vital. Personal and corporate reputations can be undermined; in fact even the most experienced communicators can struggle to get their message across in such a challenging forum.

Hanover has a proven track record in preparing its clients for the toughest of select committee assignments. We work with you from the outset of an inquiry to define objectives, craft messages and provide insight into the aims of committee members.

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There is nothing quite like facing a select committee that senses blood and headlines.

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We leave no stone unturned in preparing you for oral evidence sessions. We provide mock-sessions with seasoned select committee veterans, taking time to understand the key issues. We do not hold back on our questioning.

Our aim is to ensure that when you go into that committee room you have the knowledge and confidence to deliver your messages effectively. With the support of Hanover there will be no surprises.

Please contact Rhoda Macdonald, Client Services Director, to discuss how Hanover can help you handle the heat of the committee room.

THE Select Committee Training NEWSROOM
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