“Take the plunge before it’s too late – before you’re trapped in a conveyor belt career, but after you’ve learned enough to know that you can go back and get on that conveyor belt if you need to.”

Mark Neale started out as a strategy consultant after graduating with a physics degree, but quickly tapped into his entrepreneurial side, setting up a string of rollerblade stores and an educational toy retailer before founding Mountain Warehouse in 1997. Hanover Senior Adviser Guto Harri catches up with him on what it takes to start a business, the people culture at Mountain Warehouse, and how entrepreneurs can negotiate a ‘conveyor belt’ career. 


Mark Neale is Founder and CEO of Mountain Warehouse. He read physics at Oxford and sold rollerblades, greeting cards and toys before founding Mountain Warehouse as a single shop in Swindon. The firm now has more than 200 branches across the world.

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