The regulatory landscape across the energy and resources portfolio is fluid and highly technical. Hanover’s team has in depth expertise of helping clients engage in debates at a national, European and international level.

Tight economic conditions have increased demand for secure, affordable energy. Environmental concerns have seen industry, governments and consumers face challenges in reducing energy consumption, changing practices and lowering carbon emissions. These pressures have driven innovation in renewable energy, unconventional oil and gas, biofuels and sustainable supply-chain initiatives.

Hanover has a strong track record in the field of energy and resources – one of the fastest moving and most technical areas of policymaking whether it be in the UK or across Europe.

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The EU’s drive to lead the global fight against climate change has implications for all sectors.

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In Brussels, a greener economy is widely considered a key driver for innovation, long-term sustainable growth and the creation of jobs across Europe. The EU debate on climate change is as much about reputation as it is policy and regulation; businesses and trade bodies are increasingly expected to show that they are part of the solution. The European Union has a political aspiration to become a leading low-carbon economy.

In Westminster, the reform of the UK energy market, coupled with new resource opportunities and domestic pricing challenges is bringing us into new territories.  The coalition’s ambition to be the ‘Greenest Ever Government’ has become more of an aspiration than an achievement.

We help clients communicate the role energy and resources have to play in redressing the energy trilemma and advise them on how to avoid becoming a political football. Hanover’s unconventional oil and gas portfolio spans from Shell and Valero to Cuadrilla and Tamboran Resources. For the past three years we have been running a pan-European reputation management programme for the Government of Alberta in Canada. For Tata Steel we communicate the challenges faced by an energy intensive company in terms of seeking a level playing field on energy costs across Europe.

On the environmental sustainability front we have counselled Kingfisher, Novamont and Homesun in engaging with the current administration. We ran a successful campaign around subsidies for small scale solar which resulted in the Government losing a high court battle over its handling of the consultation process. We are currently campaigning for a levy on single use bags with an exemption for certified compostable ones.

Please contact Alison Woodhouse, Associate Director, to learn more about how we can help your organisation capitalise on the opportunities presented in this fast changing sector.

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