FMCG & Retail

From sustainable sourcing to the price of commodities, and public health to skills and employment, the FMCG sector spans a range of business, policy and consumer issues. Deciding when and where to engage in debate can be challenging. Active trade associations, vocal public health bodies and large, consumer-facing competitors crowd this already complicated space.

In the UK, concerns around obesity and problem drinking continue to dominate the news agenda. The Government’s approach has been an intricate assortment of plans that promote personal responsibility and regulate the industry. On food standards, much of the detailed regulation, which has real commercial and public health effects, is set in Brussels.

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Environmental targets will require industry to work together with European and national governments to develop sustainable supply chains.

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We work closely with clients to assess the implications that public opinion, consumer trends and policy have for their bottom line. We intervene in the debate once we have a firm understanding of the commercial drivers within their business.

We have been trusted by global food and drink retailers to position them as industry leaders and responsible businesses. Our consultants have a wide range of experience across the sector, they provide full advocacy and corporate communications counsel to organisations across all media, regulatory, political and NGO audiences.

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