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We live in uncertain times.

Disruptive technologies, shifting trends, political risk and changing markets are irrevocably transforming culture, commerce and communications.

Amidst the demands, upheavals and unknowns it takes a certain kind of approach to contend with and capitalise on this new normal.

We call it uncommon sense.

Uncommon sense is deeply ingrained in the way we think and how we work.

It’s the perfect balance between intuition and intellect, ideas and execution, influence and impact, creative flair and commercial savvy.

It’s why we’re able to provide the counsel, connections and communications that create meaningful business value.

And it’s how we’re able to improve the reputation, recognition, and returns of every business we advise.

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Kind words

"Hanover’s support for the project was first-class. The team displayed the utmost dedication to the project. As a result, we’ve continued our collaboration and have already started new projects with them."

The Hepatitis B & C Public Policy Association

"The team helped us broaden our presence across all forms of media and build important relationships with government and other stakeholders. Their strategic thinking and creativity enabled us to greatly extend our reach."


"We’re thrilled with the creativity and tenacity Hanover demonstrated. The strategic approach to underpin our proposition with peer-to-peer endorsement was crucial to our programme, delivering exceptional results."

Lucozade Ribena Suntory

"Hanover’s integrated approach was exactly what we needed. By anticipating change, rather than just responding to events, they helped us navigate a complex landscape and delivered an outstanding launch."

Flood RE
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