Crisis Communications

Let’s take a reality check…there isn’t a PR agency or communications professional in the world that can ensure an organisation won’t face a communications crisis. It doesn’t matter how much you plan, or how well you manage threatening issues, no one controls the news in the internet age.

When a crisis does hit, our award-winning crisis experts can ensure your response does not become the story. We work with clients prior to and during crises to put robust systems in place making sure operations are efficient in stressful circumstances.



The news environment of today is very different to that faced by the generation who wrote the original crisis communications rulebook; social media is increasingly dominant, leading to an always-on society.

Moreover, today’s 24/7, multi-platform news cluster means there must always be at least one issue to fill the void. Often small stories can take on a life of their own and have a negative impact on an organisation’s reputation.

Twitter has emerged not only as a delivery point for news but also as a source of stories in its own right. Media consumption has changed dramatically, with most people now continually following and sharing news across multiple channels. Rapid rebuttal has never needed to be so rapid.


The new digital world has led to a retrenchment within the traditional print and broadcast news industries. Communications practitioners are only now starting to come to terms with a world that requires them to fight back against an increasing number of aggressive opposition voices within an austerity-centric news environment that, as Wikileaks has demonstrated, loves to challenge the ‘establishment’. Our crisis response includes digital channels.

Modern media consumption trends shouldn’t see the traditional rules of crisis communications thrown away. Far from it, they become even more important. Communications professionals must redouble their efforts to identify new threats and react with an increased speed and skill.

Please contact Gavin Megaw, Managing Director of Corporate and Brand, to discuss how Hanover can help protect your organisation’s reputation.

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