Market Access

Healthcare markets today are complex and cost constrained. Market Access and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) landscapes are constantly evolving, and payers are asking more from companies and collaborating at national, regional and international levels to find solutions to shared challenges.

Hanover’s Market Access practice brings experts in reimbursement, pricing, HTA methodology and policy, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). Our team has global and in-market experience, and our network of partners gives us local expertise and programme implementation skills internationally.

In this changing and tougher environment, Market Access is most effective when it partners with other functions to shape the market and policy environment and to engage prescriber, public and system leader audiences with product and disease awareness communications – telling compelling value stories and unlocking access.

The Market Access practice works seamlessly with Hanover’s award-winning international, UK and EU-level policy, advocacy and communications to create a unique offer designed for today’s market environment.

Services include:

– Pricing and Managed Access Agreements, which includes payer and pricing research/insights, pricing and market access strategies, innovative flexible pricing schemes such as value-based pricing, risk sharing/patient access schemes and managed entry agreements

– Early Access and Engagement with Payers, which includes analysis of market access landscape, competitor intelligence, early product value assessment, early payer engagement and dialogues, payer advisory boards, payer inputs into R&D and clinical studies, early access schemes, value dossiers, payer communication tools such as iPad models

– Health Technology Assessment (HTA): which includes HTA policy analysis and insights, HTA methodology research, HTA and reimbursement submissions, systematic, targeted or rapid literature reviews, payer/patients/physicians interviews/surveys/focus groups, cost-effectiveness modelling, budget impact modelling, and survival modelling and extrapolation, health-related quality of life/utility studies, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) publications, conference presentation, training and workshops, internal communication plans and tools.

Through Hanover’s Market Access offer we provide a wide range of services to clients*

Research and Development

  • Corporate positioning & strategy development
  • Advisory boards
  • Expert panels
  • Policy & regulatory landscape mapping
  • Regulatory engagement
  • Early payer dialogue
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Internal cross-functional coordination


  • Value messaging and validation research
  • Advocacy and messaging training
  • Product data communications
  • Disease awareness
  • Managed access agreement planning
  • Strategic evidence review
  • Patient mapping


  • Support political and stakeholder engagement around HTA price & price negotiations
  • Product launch communications
  • Reputation management strategy
  • Crisis communications
  • RWE generation through HEOR research

Standard “scientific” methodologies to deliver our services will provide confidence in our processes to market access functions.

*Services in blue can be delivered directly by Hanover, services in red by AVENIR/ partners

Please contact Andrew Harrison, Managing Director, to discuss how Hanover can help your organisation with Market Access.

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