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Decarbonisation is here to stay and while top level government’s ambitions are there, the policy and regulatory landscape across the energy and industry portfolio is fluid and highly technical. Hanover’s team has in-depth expertise in helping clients engage in debates at both a domestic, European and global level. 

There has been a step change in the energy and industry sectors, with businesses and governments alike recognising the urgency with which change needs to happen to meet legally binding net zero goals.  

The drive to net zero is spurring innovation across a variety of areas in the energy sector including renewables, CCUS, hydrogen and sustainable supply-chain initiatives. In the transport sector, the next few years are critical for ensuring the transition to low and zero carbon road transport is as inclusive as possible.  Attention is also turning towards ‘harder to decarbonise’ heavy goods vehicles, shipping and aviation. 

We are facing an unprecedent crisis following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is expected to reshape the energy sector. Politicians and industry are focused on the security of supply and storage alongside how to transition to low carbon and renewable energy sources. This situation is exacerbating the high energy prices impacting businesses and consumers, fuelling the debate on how to balance the costs of the net zero transition.  

A divide is emerging between those who see renewables and clean technologies as the solution to these concerns, and those arguing that spikes in prices are proof that more traditional fuels need to be extracted. There is no simple answer. Growing political polarisation around the debate risks crowding out sensible solutions from innovative businesses.   

A greener economy is widely considered a key driver for innovation, long-term sustainable growth and the creation of jobs. The climate change debate is as much about reputation as it is policy and regulation; businesses are increasingly expected to show that they are part of the solution and are being scrutinised if they don’t do so. Although many organisations have set net zero targets, many will need to go further as attention turns to indirect and supply chain emissions. Pressure to do so will not just come from the top.  Employees, shareholders and communities will all expect more.  

Hanover’s experience spans the entire spectrum – across the energy system, heavy industry and key national infrastructure. We have supported a world leading automotive manufacturer in securing Government backing for major investment in its flagship UK plant. We have supported large energy generators in showing how they ensure security of supply. In the renewables space, we have provided integrated public relations and public affairs support for Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. For one of the world’s biggest steel companies, we have communicated the challenges faced by an energy-intensive company in terms of seeking a level playing field on energy costs across Europe. Across the board, we are well-placed to help organisations navigate the debate and position themselves as leaders in the net zero transition.

Please contact Larry Smith, Associate Director (London) to learn more about how we can help your organisation capitalise on the opportunities presented in this fast-changing sector.

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